Netsuke From Holland

Pocket knives in netsuke style.

Aside from carving netsuke I sometimes modify an Opinel knife.
Opinel knives are French made simpel knives. Wood handle and stainless steel or carbon steel blade. I take them apart and make a new boxwood handle. Which I carve in netsuke style subjects. Then I reassemble the parts.
I use Opinel nr. 6 and 7 for these modifycations. I color the handles the same way as my boxwood netsuke. 
Some blades are reshaped to. Here some pictures of a new project with a new Opinel knife for comparison.

1. Dragonhead. Closed length 10.5 cm.
Eyes yellow and black horn. Yellow horn teeth.

2. Octopus and seaweed. Closed length 11 cm.
Eyes yellow and black horn.

3. Spider on taro leaf. Closed length 10 cm.

4. Centipede on tree. Closed length 11 cm.

5. Another dragon head. Closed length 10,5 cm

6. Dried salon. 10 cm closed length.

7. Bamboo segment. 10 cm closed lenght.

8. Cicade on tree.

© 2011 Netsuke from Holland